After consulting with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Santa’s Elves in charge of marketing, we’ve come up with 5 possible ways for using giant Christmas stockings with toys to increase foot traffic during the holiday season and increase new or used car sales.  While Santa remains steadfast in his preference for reindeer-propelled sleighs, bringing joy to children with Christmas stockings stuffed with toys always brings a smile to his face–even if it relates to mechanical conveyances that rely on horse power, and not actual horses.

5 Promotion Ideas Using Giant Christmas Stockings at Auto Dealerships

  1. Everyone who test drives a new car earns one raffle entry for a giant Christmas stocking filled with name-brand toys.  This promotion can be combined with other seasonal ads for the dealership (as an enticing footnote or asterisk to an already planned advertising campaign).   It’s a fun way to attract potential customers and give one lucky individual the opportunity to win a giant Christmas stocking for his family or favorite charity.  Plus, the raffle tickets can be used as leads for future mailings.
  2. Anyone who buys a new car during the promotion period receives a giant stocking filled with toys.
  3. Put a giant stocking in the front seat of every family car in the showroom.  Each child (age 10 and under) visiting the showroom with their parents gets a toy from the giant stocking.  (If this promotion is used in conjunction with Promotion #2, the family receives a giant stocking with toys with the purchase of a new car.)
  4. Any new customer who services their new or used car at the dealership during the promotion period receives one raffle entry for a giant stocking with toys. (Type of service option could warrant more than one entry.)
  5. Any new customer who buys parts from the auto dealership, receives one raffle entry for a giant Christmas stocking filled with toys.