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Do you want to draw more attention to your brand and increase your sales this holiday season? Set up a Christmas display with our Giant Christmas Stockings — it’s a sure way to excite and energize your customer base.

  • Offer the giant stocking as dealer loaders to retail stores that carry your products in exchange for increased shelf space. It’s a great way to draw consumer attention to your brand and skyrocket excitement for a special sale or other promotional event.
  • Increase your brand awareness with a customized promotion showcasing a giant stocking. We can add your logo or company premiums to an existing product, or we can design and create a giant stocking in the shape of your client’s product that you can fill with product samples, coupons and prizes.

A commercial Christmas display always brings positive attention, and a raffle turns that attention into action. Each Giant Stocking comes with a full raffle kit which includes everything you need including raffle forms, a raffle box, a display stand and custom signs.

Make your products stand out this Christmas season. These dealer loaders attract shoppers of all ages. For over 60 years, manufacturers have turned to us for their holiday promotion needs — and we’re here for you, too. We have an 80% re-order rate every year, and your satisfaction is always our number one goal.

Increase traffic, generate revenue and spread some Christmas cheer!