Supermarket & Hardware Store Promotions

Supermarkets and hardware stores are often the heart of a community. And families appreciate when their local stores make an effort to celebrate the holidays. Commercial Christmas displays are a terrific way to add some holiday cheer to your store. But these Giant Christmas Stockings actually have other purposes, too. They don’t just create yuletide joy, they also generate revenue and increase foot traffic.

Great Ideas for Hardware and Grocery Store Promotions:

  • Boost participation in a frequency purchase card by offering raffle tickets to new members.
  • Use an in-store holiday display to focus consumer awareness on any other in-store promotion.
  • Drive traffic to a particular aisle within the store, for increased sales in any particular category.
  • Place images of your holiday promotions into advertisements to draw more shoppers throughout the season.
  • Use the promotions as a dealer loader for your retail partners and associates.

Giant Christmas stockings come in six and eight foot lengths, are filled with name-brand toys and come with everything you need for a raffle. Visit the Giant Stocking with Toys page for more info.