Restaurant Promotions

Families and friends love to dine out during the holiday season, and restaurant promotions are a great way to increase visits from new and current customers!

Reward visitors with a chance to win a giant, toy-filled prize such as our 6-foot or 8-foot giant Xmas stockings, Bernie the Bear or a pizza stocking. Each display comes with a full raffle kit including signage, blank raffle tickets, a raffle box and more.

Raffle giveaways of this magnitude generate excitement and motivate patrons to visit you all season long.

Restaurant Promotional Ideas:

  • Reward customers with a raffle ticket when they purchase a meal.
  • Create a “Kids’ Night” by advertising with this exciting giveaway.
  • Hold regular raffles (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). An on-going restaurant promo helps your customers think of you as they anticipate each new drawing.

Holidays are times for everyone to get together and enjoy one another’s company. These holiday displays add to the holiday cheer while also increasing traffic and revenue. It’ll be a merry Christmas season indeed!