Auto Dealership Promotions

Christmas Displays & Holiday Promotions for Auto Dealerships

Rev up your business this holiday season with our Auto Dealership Promotions!  These Giant Christmas Stockings and Bernie the Bear displays are an easy, inexpensive and festive way to celebrate the holidays. But they do more than just spread Christmas cheer. Christmas displays can create a huge boost in business during the season.

Many Display Options:

  • Put Bernie the Bear in the front seat of every family car in the showroom or decorate the showroom floor with one or more Giant Stockings.
  • Motivate shoppers to buy a car within the promotion period by giving away these giant prizes with each purchase.
  • Sign up anyone who takes a test drive for a chance to win a giant stocking and generate hundreds of new sales leads for future mailings.
  • Offer a chance to win a giant X-Mas stocking with every service option level purchased.

And these displays aren’t just for your customers! They also make great dealer loaders — use these displays to motivate your partners and affiliates.

Car dealerships typically see an increase in customers during the Christmas season, as many folks consider buying a new car. A holiday display is a great way to excite your customers, energize your employees and generally promote cheer for everyone.