Chambers of Commerce Promotions

Christmas isn’t just for families — it’s for the entire community, too!

Chambers of Commerce have long used Giant Christmas Stockings as a way to not only reward local businesses for joining, but also to generate excitement and help build patronage for brick-and-mortar businesses throughout their city during the holidays.

Ideas for Holiday Promotions Around Your Town:

  • Anytime a new brick and mortar location joins the Chamber at a certain level of commitment, they’re gifted with a holiday stocking filled with toys. They can then use the display as a traffic generator to bring new people into their store.
  • Existing member businesses can be gifted with Christmas stockings as well.
  • Use the raffle cards to get mailing lists of people in the community and then target them for future events and sales.
  • Hold a seasonal event for your downtown (or a specific shopping area) and give one raffle ticket to each patron for every store they visit. Both new and established community members now have a reason to visit more stores than ever before.
  • Place a Christmas display, such as “Bernie the Bear,” in store windows across the city to help promote the holidays while dressing up a storefronts at the same time.
  • Donate one to a local non-profit on behalf of the Chamber.
  • Hold a contest with Chamber members and give away the giant stocking as a prize for generating the most sales, new members, or anything else you’d like your members to focus on this year.

Bring Christmas to your town like never before with these commercial Christmas displays. You’ll increase traffic in your brick-and-mortar businesses, add revenue into the local economy and bring holiday fun and excitement to the entire community. Tis the season to spread joy all over town!

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