One of the favorite pastimes of senior citizens and retirees is gambling at the local casino or trying their luck at a nearby bingo parlor.  Many of those who fall within this demographic are grandparents who cherish the opportunity to shower (spoil?) their grand kids with gifts and special favors, especially during the Yuletide season.

With that in mind, what better way to showcase a giant stocking filled with toys than to display it at a bingo parlor or casino–2 favorite gathering places for grandparents and senior citizens? Here are 5 ways to use these 2 venues as promotions for large Yuletide stockings.

  1. Use casino gambling points/credits as the basis for daily giveaways of giant stockings filled with toys during the holiday promotion period.  If the casino patron achieves a certain point total during the day, he or she automatically qualifies for the daily drawing.
  2. Hold a “thank-you” dinner or party for your loyal high rollers or gold- and platinum-card gamblers.  All attendees would automatically receive one entry for the giveaway of a giant stocking with name-brand toys–such a giveaway could occur at the end of the dinner or party, forming the perfect ending for the holiday gathering.
  3. Use a giant stocking with toys (in lieu of cash) as the prize for “special games” conducted during the bingo session.   Special games generally involve paper bingo cards on which the bingo goer marks numbers called with a colored dauber.
  4. Have a special raffle during or after each bingo session with the prize being a large Christmas stocking with toys.  Raffle tickets could be purchased when the patron buys his or her hard cards prior to the session.  Proceeds could be used to defray admin costs,  or as a charitable donation to a worthy organization.
  5. Give each winner of a “special game” the opportunity to select or receive one name-brand toy from a giant Christmas stocking.
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