In today’s economic climate, it can be challenging to find Christmas fundraising ideas that work. Unfortunately, these hard economic times are when people need charity the most. Fortunately, our Giant Stockings, Giant Christmas Bears and Santa Sacks with toys make great fundraisers. They’re unique, exciting, easy for people to understand, convey a high sense of value — and they’re really fun!

Each giant stocking and  comes with a complete raffle kit, with everything you need to plan and manage a successful fundraiser, including:

  • Raffle tickets
  • Promotional posters
  • Raffle box
  • Great fundraising ideas booklet (8 ft Deluxe Stocking only)

Holiday Fundraising and Raffle Ideas:

By positioning the stocking in a high traffic area and then asking community members to buy a raffle ticket to support your cause, you can raise money for:

  • Elementary schools
  • Little league sports teams
  • Youth groups
  • Charities
  • Children’s music and art programs
  • Education and health programs
  • And much more!

Children love these giant holiday displays, and their enthusiasm is infectious. Your entire community can benefit when these Christmas displays are used as fundraisers. Help spread the Christmas cheer!

For more ideas, check out Bernie’s blog 4 Ways to Use a Giant Stocking for a School Fundraiser.