Nothing brings out the spirit of the season (and bears like me out of hibernation) better than a humdinger of an office party;  and the Clauses and their rambunctious elves know how to throw a party!  With the endless array of toys and special gifts at the elves’ workshop,  Santa can surprise and provide magical gifts to all the elf kids and grand kids in attendance.  For your next office holiday party, why not grab a slice of North Pole magic and give your employees’ children (or some deserving children in the community) a special toy from one of our Santa Sacks or Giant Stockings filled with name-brand toys?

Here are 5 ways to use a giant stocking at your next office Christmas party:

  1. Your company buys one or more giant Christmas stockings with toys, and uses them for decorations.  After the party, they can be donated to orphanages, homeless shelters, or any number of worthy children’s organizations.
  2. The boss (or some Santa wannabe) can give a toy from the giant stocking to each child or let each child select a gift from the holiday stocking.
  3. Raffle the stocking(s), with proceeds used to defray the cost of the party, fund the next holiday shindig, or help a charitable organization.
  4. Hold a holiday Adult Spelling Bee.  Charge each office staffer who participates $10 for the right to participate in the spelling bee.  Last person standing wins a giant Christmas stocking filled with name-brand toys. The winner gets to designate which charity gets both the participation money and the giant stocking.
  5. Have a little fun with your fundraiser by having a “Worst Holiday Sweater” Contest for both men and women.  Each participant pays $10 for the right to compete.  During the promotion period, employees get to vote on who they think has the worst holiday sweater–both male and female.  Each vote costs $5, with proceeds going to fund the office Christmas party or to some deserving charity.  The winners are announced at the Christmas party, with each winning a giant stocking filled with toys.  The stockings could be further donated to a local orphanage.
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