Bank Promotions

It’s easy and inexpensive to bring the festive spirit to your bank or credit union branch this holiday season with a giant Christmas display — and you can help bring in new customers and accounts at the same time. These festive Christmas displays look great in the front window, the lobby or anywhere else you want to add some Yuletide cheer.

Plus, each display comes with everything you need to set up a raffle promotion. You get custom signs, a raffle box, blank raffle tickets and a display hook.

So Many Great Bank Promotion Ideas:

  • Reward new customers for opening an account by entering them into a raffle to win the World’s Largest Christmas Stocking.
  • Reward current customers with a chance to win “Bernie the Bear” when they sign up for new banking services or credit cards.
  • Give away a 6-foot or 8-foot Christmas stocking every week to keep the excitement going all season long.

These holiday displays and raffles are great traffic generators for your bank or credit union. This Christmas season, fill your bank with cheer! It’s a solid investment.