Take it from me, Bernie the Bear, that some of our most treasured memories growing up were from those visits to grandma’s or another relative’s house where holiday cookies, pies, and other treats awaited us.  Using the world’s largest Christmas stocking filled with toys would make such visits even more magical and enable grandparents, parents, and other relatives to give special name-brand toys to all their kids or grand kids–without the hassle of shopping at crowded malls or dealing with holiday traffic.  For grandparents staying in nursing homes or assisted living facilities,  a giant stocking is perfect for giving gifts to the children who will be visiting during the holiday season.

  1. For the loving parent, grandparent, or other relative having a large shopping list consisting of many children, do yourself a favor and simplify the shopping experience by buying a giant stocking filled with name-brand toys.  So as not to show favoritism, have each child pick a number out of a hat to determine the order of selecting a toy from the giant stocking.
  2. As a variation to Promo # 1, buy 2 stockings–one containing toys for boys, with the other having gifts designed for girls.
  3. Donate a stocking to a deserving nursing home or assisted living facility.  Each senior citizen or resident could purchase a raffle ticket for some nominal amount like 25 cents or 50 cents.  The winner could give toys from the stocking to grandchildren or other children visiting them during the holidays.  (Proceeds from the raffle could be used to help fund social or entertainment activities for the facility.)
  4. When holding a holiday bingo, give one or more giant stockings with toys as prizes for special bingo games like “blackouts,” “round robins” (bingo games where numbers around the border of the card must be filled to win), etc.
  5. Hold a Scrabble Tournament where the ultimate winner receives a giant stocking filled with toys.  Such a tournament should prove popular and fun not only at adult dinner parties, nursing home socializers, and so forth.
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