Casino & Bingo Promotions

Our giant Christmas stockings are a sure bet!

Add some Christmas cheer to your casino or bingo hall with these holiday displays. Each display arrives with everything you need for a raffle including a raffle box, blank entry forms, custom signs and a hanging display hook. Your guests already like games of chance — and they’ll be extra excited at the change to win a stocking full of toys for their children or grandchildren. These raffle promotions are ideal for your target market!

These Christmas displays are a win for casino and bingo hall operators, too! These displays are proven traffic generators — simply set them up in any area where you want to draw attention. They look great in lobbies, at the end of aisles or by specific gaming areas you want to highlight. Additionally, the raffle forms are a great way to gather contact information.

Holiday Promotion Ideas:

  • Reward new patrons who sign up for loyalty programs for the chance to win a giant Xmas stocking.
  • Offer each player who spends a set amount of gambling dollars at your establishment the chance to win a large Christmas stocking each week.
  • Give away a giant stocking at the end of each bingo game to keep the players coming back for more.

There’s no need to gamble on your holiday promotions — these giant stockings are always a winner!