Looking for a way to increase foot traffic in your retail store this holiday season?  Our 6- and 8-foot giant Christmas stockings filled with toys are an ideal way to not only add a festive touch to your store, but to encourage more customers to come through your doors.  So if you’re looking to spark renewed interest in your store or generate new customers, here are 5 ways to effectively use our Christmas stockings filled with name-brand toys.

  1. Prominently display the giant stockings with toys in display windows, near the entrance of your store, or as end-caps for your seasonal aisles.
  2. Every purchase made during the promotion period qualifies the customer for one raffle entry to win a giant stocking filled with toys.  The name, address, and/or email address could generate hundreds of future mailings.
  3. Reward loyal customers who achieve a certain purchase level during the promotion period or buy a high-ticket item with a giant stocking filled with toys.
  4. Open a new store credit card, and receive a free toy from the giant Christmas stocking; or, as an alternative award one raffle entry for a drawing during the promotion period.  In either case, you’re expanding your customer data file for future mailing.
  5. Be creative and arrange to have the giant Christmas stocking filled with toys, gifts or signature brand items from your store.  This reinforces  loyalty not only to the brand in question, but to your retail establishment, in particular.  (Be sure to contact us if you desire a custom-filled giant stocking.)
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