There’s no joy like the joy of giving!  And what better way to share the Christmas spirit than by giving a giant toy-filled stocking to a worthy charity or a struggling family.  Take it from Bernie the Bear that nothing warms the hearts of Mr. and Mrs. Clause more than seeing a young child, who otherwise wouldn’t have a Christmas,  actually receive a special, name-brand toy from a giant Christmas stocking.  Rumor has it that every time an underprivileged child receives a special gift at Christmas, Santa’s reindeer dance uncontrollably and Rudolph’s nose turns an even brighter shade of red.

Here are five ways you can spread the joy this season by donating a Giant Stocking:

  1. Include a giant stocking with toys as part of a Christmas dinner provided for a needy family.  The giant stocking with toys would allow some less-than-fortunate children a chance to experience the joy of the Yuletide season.  It would also enable children of the donating family to experience firsthand the life lesson of sharing their time and treasure with others in their community.
  2. As part of a season-of-giving program designed to help the less fortunate in the community, your church, PTA, or other civic action group could collect money for or accept donations of large Christmas stockings filled with toys.  The stockings would be distributed to deserving families in the neighborhood.
  3. Donate one or more giant stockings with toys to any number of charitable organizations including homeless and domestic abuse shelters; rescue missions; children’s hospitals; etc.  The opportunities for donating are numerous, with the smiles created and joy from giving priceless.
  4. In conjunction with #3, donate your time by playing Santa Clause (or one of his elves) and giving away toys from a giant stocking at a party or dinner hosted by a charitable organization for homeless or needy families.
  5. Raffle off some giant stockings filled with toys, and donate the proceeds to a worthy charity.
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